Screws, tires, and whisky

Enjoy some calm time in this industrial room on 5 reels, 3 rows and 9 paylines. Sit back, chill and let this place, where you don’t need to do anything, take all your troubles away.

Club Garage

There is a mysterious form of indescribable attraction of people to a garage full of tools, tires and car parts, most probably associated with their childhood. Remembering how their dad was fixing the car in the garage and spending his free time there. The place is highly coveted by kids, strictly avoided by wives and endlessly adored by men. The Club garage takes this experience to another level. You will be allowed to get lost in the place, in your thoughts, load the game with money and bring home some proper wins.  

Among the symbols spinning on the reels, you can find themed objects like a radio, a spanner, a fuel can, and car keys. 

The Wild symbol can form its own winning combination. And can substitute other symbols to create a winning line. 

Each time you land on a winning combination, you can risk it to increase your winnings by playing the "Guess the Card" risk game. Hit either the ONE BET or the MAX BET button to play. Then, from four hidden cards, you need to select one that's higher than the dealer's card. After each successful attempt, you can risk it all again – your winnings will increase exponentially and could even reach x1000!  

Winning lines:


Number of lines selection:




MAX WIN(Based on 1 million games):

1010 x Bet

Bonus game:


Special symbols:


Paid symbols:


Free spins:


Reels (row):





Desktop, Tablet, Mobile



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