January 24, 2024

Era of Jinlong 🐲

Embark yourself to a realm steeped in ancient Chinese mystique, where mythical elements and golden dragons await to weave tales of prosperity and good fortune with our latest release "Era of Jinlong".

In the heart of Dragon Paradise, a serene realm known for its tranquility and the dance of golden luck, "Era of Jinlong" unfolds an enchanting narrative. At the center of this picturesque landscape lies a mythical golden dragon, the embodiment of prosperity and celestial fortune. As players spin the reels, they are immersed in a visual symphony where the dragon's scales shimmer with every twist of fate.

"Era of Jinlong" is a classic 3×3 slot game, paying from left to right across 5 pay lines. There are 7 regular symbols, and the stake represents the wagered amount, unchangeable during a round. The journey unfolds further with the innovative Multiplier Feature. Achieve a full grid with the same symbol, and watch as all winnings for that spin are multiplied based on the symbol type.

The Prize Multiplier adds an extra layer of excitement, multiplying winnings when the entire grid is filled with a single symbol. Additionally, any combination of three symbols with the lowest payout triggers extra winnings. With thrilling mechanics and visuals, every spin in "Era of Jinlong" holds the promise of uncovering hidden fortunes.

Spin the reels, unravel ancient secrets, and let the golden dragon guide you to prosperity. Play "Era of Jinlong" now and reel in the luck at any partner casinos, or here on our website in demo mode


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