December 14, 2023

Santa the Slayer

Immerse yourself in our latest release, a dark and thrilling Christmas slot. Join Heroic Santa on a mysterious journey, spin into shadows, and embrace the twisted delights with a Jackpot bonus game and respins!

Get ready for a holiday season like never before as we proudly announce the release of our latest creation, a thrilling slot game that promises a twisted spin on Christmas. We're thrilled to introduce this unique addition to our portfolio, offering players an opportunity to experience the festive season in an entirely new light.

In this game, Christmas takes a dark and thrilling turn. Imagine Santa, equipped with the extraordinary abilities of a Witcher, navigating a snowy landscape filled with flickering candlelight. This slot transforms the holiday cheer into a suspenseful narrative, providing players with a gripping adventure that challenges the traditional merry atmosphere.

Step into a mystical world where the joy of the holidays clashes with a darker reality. Santa fights with sinister, mystical creatures to save the holiday. The slot invites players to embark on a mysterious journey, experiencing the shadows of magic and uncovering the dark delights hidden within the heart of this twisted Christmas slot.

As you spin through the chilling narrative, be prepared for stacked multipliers of x2 and x3, enhancing wins on each payline. The game introduces a unique Jackpot Bonus Game triggered by a combination of 6 or more special symbols and/or Clause Jackpot symbols. These symbols, reminiscent of dark omens, stick to the reels during the bonus game, ushering in a series of respins. It's a thrilling experience that adds layers of excitement to the gameplay.

Don't miss the chance to experience Christmas like never before. Dive into the twisted narrative, embrace the wicked game mechanics, and seize the opportunity for maximum wins. 

Ready to experience a Christmas tale with a dark twist? Play Santa the Slayer now at any partner casinos and unravel the thrilling adventure that Christmas has in store for you!


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