June 29, 2022

Seth vs Horus game release

Get ready to take a stand in the battle that could decide it all. Seth vs Horus is here, and the decision is in your hands now – will you side with the god of the sky or the god of war

You must bear the weight of your choice. If you make the proper decision, you will be rewarded with wealth beyond your wildest dreams and remembered as a hero. If you make the wrong decision, you will condemn the land to an eternity of agony and anguish, and you will leave empty-handed. As the seconds count down, which deity will you choose?

Seth vs Horus slot is guaranteed to draw you in with thrilling details in every aspect of the game. From the stunning visuals to exciting gameplay, you will be taken on a breathtaking journey through ancient Egypt, and your luck will be tested time and time again until the battle finally ends. You will find various Egyptian symbols and gods standing guard across the 7x7 game grid, where you’ll be able to gain great rewards with cluster wins and Wild and Scatter symbols. Furthermore, during the battle itself, each god will have his own turn to strike, and the moment the other can’t defend himself, a bonus feature begins! Here, you can collect Scatter gems, free spins, and even multiply your winnings.

Are you ready to pick a side and determine the fate of the Egyptian land? Take a stand now in Seth vs Horus, now available on our website and at our partner casinos!


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