Astronomical rewards await!

The spaceship takes flight, granting you a chance to bet on its journey, chasing the potential rewards that shimmer like stardust.

Hyper Xplorer

Prepare to be captivated by a new dimension of gambling, where a revolutionary space adventure will ignite your imagination and lead you on an exhilarating journey through the cosmos. Leave behind the familiar as you enter a realm where great fortune dances among the stars, daring you to chase boundless treasures.

In this electrifying space odyssey, traditional slots are but a memory. Instead, you'll witness the rocket's takeoff, and with each passing moment, the multiplier rises, amplifying the thrill of potential rewards. Will you have the courage to wait for the opportune moment, or will you take a daring risk, knowing that the rocket's explosive potential looms overhead?

The universe bestows upon you the promise of astronomical riches, but tread carefully, for the rocket's crash can happen unexpectedly, turning your dreams to stardust. Immerse yourself in the thrilling interstellar saga, where extraordinary rewards await those brave enough to reach for the stars. Get ready to soar among the constellations and embark on your cosmic adventure today!

How to Play

Before the rocket takes off, place your bet.
Take a chance and wait for the multiplier to reach your desired goal.
Cash out before the rocket explodes. You can manually press the "Cash out" button or wait until the multiplier reaches your Auto Cashout goal.
The longer you stay in the game, the higher your payoff will be. Keep in mind that the rocket may explode at any moment. If you fail to cash out before the crash, you will lose your bet.

Game Rules

Place Your Bet

Enter a valid amount in the "Amount" field and click on the "Place bet" button before the rocket launches. The game allows you to place two bets simultaneously on the same round for added excitement! 


You can cancel your bet before the rocket launches by pressing the "Cancel" button. The bet amount will be returned to your account balance.

Manual Cash Out

At any moment during the game round, you can click the "Cash out" button to secure your winnings. Your stake will be multiplied by the current coefficient, and the round will be concluded.

Auto Cash Out

Set your desired "Auto Cash Out" multiplier, and the system will automatically cash out your bet when it reaches that value.

Current Bets

In the "Current Bets" block, you can see a list of all players participating in the ongoing game round.

Rounds History

At the top of the game screen, you'll find the final multipliers of previous game rounds. The colors signify:

Blue: Multipliers below x1.99

Green: Multipliers between x2.00 - x9.99

Yellow: Multipliers above x10.00

Personal Statistics

Current Rank: Determined by the number of bets you've placed.

Flights: The total number of bets you've placed.

Max Multiplier: The highest multiplier at which you've successfully cashed out.

Flying Hours: The approximate time you've spent in the game (only rounds you've participated in are considered).

Average Multiplier: The average multiplier of your cashouts, calculated by summing cashout multipliers and dividing by the number of rounds played.


Switch to Auto mode and configure your bet settings to let the system play for you.

To stop autobetting, simply click on the "Stop Autoplay" button.


Within the settings menu, you can customize the following:

Bet amount: The sum applied for every auto game.

Number of game rounds: If left blank, the game will run until you manually stop it.

Cash out value.

Actions on win/loss: Increase the bet sum by a percentage (N%) or reset it to the default value set in the "Amount" field.

"Stop at any win" toggle: Stops autoplay on a win, even if there are remaining rounds in the queue.

You can still use manual "Cash out" while auto betting is enabled, and it will not affect the next games in the queue.


Winning lines:


Number of lines selection:




MAX WIN(Based on 1 million games):

999999 x Bet

Bonus game:


Special symbols:


Paid symbols:


Free spins:


Reels (row):





Mobile, Desktop, Tablet



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