Explore Legendary Treasure!

Explore the mystic Sakura temple, trigger cascading wins, and discover the unparalleled magic of DualXtend!

Eternal Dynasty

Embark on an epic journey through time, where ancient legends meet modern treasures in the mystical Sakura Temple. Nestled amidst towering Sakura trees, this enchanting 6x6 slot game invites players to unravel the secrets woven into its sacred stones. Immerse yourself seamlessly and unveil the mystical treasure protected by the guardians of the temple since ancient times. Experience the innovative "All Ways Pays" feature, triggering cascading wins and endless possibilities. Venture into the Bonus Game to unveil wild multipliers and increased win ways. Finally, deep inside the sacred temple, witness the revolutionary "DualXtend" mechanic, where symbols metamorphose and wilds intensify, promising extraordinary combinations. Your destiny unfolds in the Sakura Temple—enter this magical world for an unforgettable adventure through the passage of time!

Among the symbols spinning on the reels, you will find various tribal masks, Wild, and Scatter symbols.

Eternal Dynasty is a 6 reels, 6 rows, and All-Ways slot game. Symbols pay from left to right. Winning combinations are removed from the reels and cause an avalanche effect. There are a total of 8 reels in the game! 6 main reels in the center and 2 additional reels on the top and the bottom. Additional reels spin from right to left and left to right accordingly.

During the Base Game, reel corners are disabled and hide the symbols, preventing them from participating in winning combinations. Some symbols on the main reels, starting from reel 2, may occupy 2 to 4 symbols' spaces and each of these symbols will represent a single symbol during payouts.

Wild Symbol

Wild symbols can appear on main reels only, starting from the second reel. During cascades, it can appear on any reel. The wild symbol substitutes for all regular symbols, except scatter. During Free Spins, all Wild symbols have a random ×2 or ×3 multiplier badge on them. The Multiplier applies to the winning way in which this Wild symbol was involved. If there are more Wild symbols involved in one winning way, then their multipliers are summed up.

Scatter Symbol

Can appear on main reels only, with one Scatter per reel. 4 or more scatter symbols trigger up to 15 Free Spins. There are no payouts for scatter symbols. Additional Free Spins can be won during Free Spins.

Wild Frames Feature

During each spin, after the new symbols have cascaded down, any symbol that occupies 2 to 4 symbols' spaces that is involved in a winning combination will be transformed into a randomly selected symbol (other than Wild symbol and Scatter symbol) with a silver frame around itself. After new cascade symbols with silver frames that are involved in a winning combination will be transformed into a randomly selected another symbol (other than the Wild symbol and Scatter symbol) with a golden frame around itself. After new cascade symbols with golden frames which are involved in a winning combination will be transformed into a Wild symbol.

Free Spins Game

During each spin in the Free Spins game, after each cascade, a random reel corner enables and reveals a hidden symbol. After each cascade, only one random corner can be enabled. Revealed symbols may be included in winning combinations and increase the total number of win ways.

Stone Symbols

In the Base Game, most left and right symbols of reels 1 and 2 are covered with Stone/Seal Symbols. These symbols can not be destroyed during Base Game, but only during the Bonus Game. When these symbols get destroyed, the number of pay ways get increased exponentially.

Buy Bonus

There will be a Buy Bonus feature in this game with the price of 48xBet with 10 Free Spins.

Winning lines:


Number of lines selection:




MAX WIN(Based on 1 million games):

5247 x Bet

Bonus game:


Special symbols:

Scatter, WILD

Paid symbols:


Free spins:


Reels (row):





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